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Celebrating the life of Dr Ricardo Thompson

1 December 2020

At SAPRIN, we join Mozambican colleagues in celebrating the life and contribution of Dr Ricardo Thompson, who died on 21 June 2020 in Mozambique. His career was dedicated to the premise that public policy in health and development was fundamentally based on high quality technical-scientific work. His achievements in the field of parasitology included the introduction into Mozambique of malaria-mapping using geographic information systems (GIS), and participation in clinical trials of the vaccine against malaria. He also conducted research on HIV/AIDS, diaorrheal diseases and maternal and child health. He was a teacher at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, having contributed to the education of a whole generation of health professionals in the field of parasitology and scientific research methodology. At the continental level, he was part of creating the INDEPTH Network (International Network for the Demographic Evaluation of Populations and their Health), based on health and demographic surveillance systems. He was also well known for practicing and teaching critical thinking. As efforts to establish interlinked HDSS nodes on the continent gain momentum again, Ricardo was there at the planning stage, and now we will miss him.