South African Population Research
Infrastructure Network

population-based science

SAPRIN - DSI/ SAMRC South African Population Research Infrastructure Network
A long term investment into a national research infrastructure, funded by the National Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and hosted the the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC)



Impact and Outcomes

Accessible, Dynamic and Timely Data

Up-to-date, longitudinal data representative of South Africa’s fast-changing poorer communities for research, interpretation and calibration of national datasets



Improved Research Output

Access to an extensive, interdisciplinary research platform for researchers from universities, science councils, other organisations, including regional and international collaborations

Reduced costs and making poorer South Africans healthier and better-off

An evidence-base for cost evaluation, policy making and targeting intervention programmes, thereby improving the accuracy and efficiency of pro-poor, health and wellbeing interventions



Elevated Capacity for conducting Science in the Country

An expanded human capacity for conducting advanced research that is effectively linked with national, regional and international networks

what SAPRIN says

"SAPRIN integrates public, private and academic sectors in a long-term partnership, to produce first-rate, highly-relevant research."


“Participating communities are helping to shape an all-inclusive socio-economic South Africa by providing valuable data that will inform and design life-altering interventions and strategies in response to the country’s biggest challenges”

Professor Mark Collinson

Public Engagement

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Latest News

1 December 2020

Celebrating the life of Dr Ricardo Thompson

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Latest News

21 August 2020

Remembering Professor Peter Byass, a great friend of SAPRIN


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National COVID-19 Conference

11 August 2020

Harnessing science, technology and innovation in response to COVID-19

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